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Well hidden and unmeasurable skill at LAN tournaments.

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What we provide

We provide you the latest and greatest of hardware cheats for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and many other popular games. Our cheats provide you outmaxed performance at any of your LAN tournaments. With our hardware tools you have the chance to become a clutch legend meanwhile staying off the radar with our unique DMA controller technology.

  • Undetected by any Anticheat
  • Easy use on LAN
  • Maximum performance
  • Most legit cheats
  • Affordable price

Standalone Microcontrollers

Standalone Microcontrollers are tiny computers which are able to proccess and modify Physical Memory Tables using a Direct Memory Access through the motherboard of a machine. No modification of the motherboard is required since the microcontroller uses the PCI ports to access the Memory directly on hardware level. This is the perfect solution for Tournament participants who bring their own system to the event.

Built in USB devices

You are not allowed to bring your machine and you are not allowed to plugin USB sticks? No problem. With our customized gear you can still cheat at LAN events and tournaments safely. You can choose the gear yourself and let us know which one you like. However, it has to be out of the box which means we have to purchase it. We can modify the gear (except headsets) and add in cheats to most of USB devices such as Mice and Keyboards.

USB Sticks (no DMA)

Our modified USB sticks are loaded with silent cheat injectors which can load cheats into the game within an eye blink. This is the perfect solution for Players who do not want to spend as much money on an extremly secure cheat and are allowed to connect USB devices at the tournament or have at least access to the USB ports of a system. Keep in mind that these are not using our DMA methods and could be detected. They have not ever been detected until today. However, we would like to warn you that the possibility is persists.

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Unique features customizable for every needs. You can put together almost any of the listed ones adapting to your personal preferences.


  • Bone
  • Speed
  • FOV
  • Silent
  • Chance


  • Hitbox
  • Ray
  • Delay
  • Filter
  • Chance


  • Sound Directional
  • Sound Distance
  • Noise Enhancer
  • Radar Delay
  • Nade Warning


  • Silent
  • Kernel
  • Internal
  • External


  • Panic disable
  • Panic unload
  • Enable Pattern
  • Disable Pattern
  • Autostrafe


  • VAC
  • CEVO
  • ESEA
  • EAC
  • Ring3

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